EPH intends to buy wholesale activities from PZEM and will become the owner of Sloe power plant

27. 9. 2022

Energetický a průmyslový holding, a.s. (EPH) is acquiring the Wholesale business unit of PZEM N.V., comprising of PZEM Energy Company B.V and PZEM Pipe B.V. (100%). The Wholesale business unit focuses on asset optimization & trade, analytics and the supply of energy products and services to the business market.

As a part of transaction with PZEM N.V. EPH1 is also acquiring 50% share in Sloe Centrale Holding B.V. and 50% share from EDF International S.A.S., and thus EPH will also become the future 100% owner of Sloe power plant. Sloe Centrale Holding B.V. owns and operates a modern gas-fired power plant Sloe located in Zeeland with an installed capacity of 870MW.

With this acquisition, EPH will expand its presence in the Dutch energy market.


Jan Špringl, CEO of EP Power Europe: “We are pleased that through this opportunity we can offer the wholesale activities of PZEM a new future and we see the company as an important springboard for further expansion in the Dutch market.”

Managing board PZEM

Frank Verhagen, CEO of PZEM, is positive: “In this way we are able to give further substance to the shareholder strategy. An important condition from the board was to find a party that fits the company strategy and with EPH we seem to have found it”.

Supervisory Board

Gerard van Harten, chairman of the Supervisory Board of PZEM: “PZEM has gone through a complex process to arrive at this interpretation of the company strategy. It has been a careful process and we, as the Supervisory Board, are very much in favor of this solution.”

1 through EP Netherlands B.V., which is a wholly owned subsidiary of EP Power Europe; EP Power Europe is 100% subsidiary of EPH