Overview of companies

Slovenské elektrárne

Operator of 31 hydroelectric, 2 nuclear, 2 thermoelectric and 2 photovoltaic plants in Slovakia

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Eggborough Power

Hard coal power station located in North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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Lynemouth Power

Former coal-fired power station in north of England recently converted to full biomass electricity generation.

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EP Langage

Gas-fired power station near Plymouth, United Kingdom

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EP South Humber Bank

Gas-fired power station near Stallingborough, United Kingdom

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EP Produzione

Coal-fired power plant in Sardinia and 5 gas-fired power plants on the Italian mainland and in Sicily

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Operator of four lignite mines, four power plants and one refining plant in Germany

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Brown coal extraction company in Germany; operates 2 conventional CHP plants (Deuben and Wählitz) and the Schleenhain wind power plant; is preparing additional new RES plants

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Kraftwerk Mehrum

Coal-fired power station near Hannover, Germany

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HSR (Helmstedter Revier)

Operator of the Buschhaus brown coal fired power station and the Schöningen surface mine in Lower Saxony in Germany.


Saale Energie (SCHKOPAU)

Company holds a 41.9% stake in the Schkopau power station near the city of Halle in Saxony-Anhalt in Germany.

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EP Commodities

Specialist in trading (wholesale) in natural gas, coal and oil.

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RVA Group

Project management specialist in the decommissioning, decontamination, dismantling and demolition sectors

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Mibrag Neue Energie

Operates and develops a wind farm in Germany

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Biomasse Italia

Biomass powerplant in Italy

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Biomasse Crotone

Biomass powerplant in Italy

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EP Resoures

EP Resources AG, located in Zug, Switzerland, handles the procurement of the coal, biomass and freight requirements of EPH’s power facilities located in Germany, Italy, France and UK.

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Gazel Energie

The third largest energy producer in France with a diversified portfolio of assets.

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EP Kilroot

Coal and oil power station in Northern Ireland, UK.

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EP Ballylumford

The largest natural-gas-fired power station in Northern Ireland.

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Tynagh Energy

A CCGT (Combined Cycle Gas Turbine) power plant in east County Galway, the Republic of Ireland.

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Fusine Energia

A company operating a biomass-fueled power plant in the province of Sondrino, Italy.

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Ergosud S.p.A, which is jointly owned by EPH and A2A gencogas S.p.A, built and manages the thermoelectric plant in Scandale, Italy.

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Humbly Grove Energy

Owner and operator of an underground gas storage facility near Alton in Hampshire.

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