Acquisition of a biomass power plant Fusine

7. 2. 2019

EPH Group (Energetický a průmyslový holding) is getting stronger in the biomasses sector. Through the subsidiary EP New Energy Italia (EPNEI) the group completed the acquisition of the biomass power plant in Fusine, province of Sondrio, with an installed capacity of 7 MW by the Holcim Italia Group (100%).

The operation is part of the strategy of the Group to develop the renewable energy business. This is the third investment in biomass energy done by EPH. EPNEI completed in December 2017 the acquisition of the biomass power plants owned by Biomasse Italia and Biomasse Crotone (with a total capacity of 73 MW). Previously EPH invested in conversion project of the 400 MW coal-fired power plant of Lynemouth, as part of the coal “phase out” program promoted in the United Kingdom. Once completed, this will become one of the biggest biomass plant globally.

The recent EPNEI operations are focused on the energy exploitation of Italian biomass. Italy represents an excellence at European level in this sector which, through the sustainable and efficient maintenance of the woods, generates important environmental benefits such as fire prevention and reduction of hydrogeological risks thanks to the removal of woody materials from the banks of rivers that reduces the risk of disasters in floody events.

“This acquisition confirms the Group’s vocation to be among the pioneers, in Italy and Europe, in the energy transition towards renewable sources and sustainable energy production,” said Marco Arcelli, EPH Business Development Directors. “We believe that biomasses are the ideal solution to meet the goal of coal phase out foreseen by the National Energy Strategy and we want to be at the forefront of this sustainable and virtuous transformation of the national energy system,” ended Arcelli.

Through this operation, the EPH Group confirms its interest in new investment in the Italian energy sector, by strengthening the current presence of EP Produzione, the Italian generation company that manages in the Country and overall capacity of 4.3 GW through 6 thermoelectric plants with about 550 employees.

Biomasses are the only proven technology today that provides green energy, programmable and with stable production throughout the year.