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EP Produzione

Operates a total generation capacity of 4,300 MW through four gas-fired power plants and one coal-fired power plant in Italy, making it one of the most relevant power generation players in the country. EP Produzione efficient and high-performance power stations are managed according to the highest environmental, safety and reliability standards.
EP Produzione includes hard coal power plant Fiume Santo on the Sardinia island with around 600 MW of net installed capacity, which is considered to be one of the most important industrial facilities in the northwestern Sardinia. Other four fully consolidated gas power plants are located mainly in the north of Italy – Livorno Ferraris, Ostiglia, Tavazzano e Montanaso, Trapani.


Fiume Santo

The coal power plant is situated in the north west of Sardinia region, in the Sassari province. Spread over an area of 153 hectares on the Gulf of Asinara, the plant, thanks to its net installed capacity of around 600 MW, is one of the most important power plant in the region.

Since 2017 Fiume Santo power plant has been considered “essential” for the security of Sardinian power supply, extended until the end of 2024.


Livorno Ferraris

The power plant (EP Produzione S.p.A. 75% e BKW Italia S.p.A. 25%) is located in the province of Vercelli, in Piedmont region. It is a CCGT plant with a net installed capacity of 805 MW, with two gas turbine units and a steam turbine. The combined use of the gas and steam turbines enables the plant to achieve a high yield (around 57%), with a consequent low greenhouse gas emissions, indicating a limited environmental impact.



Located in the province of Mantua (Lombardy region), on the left bank of the Po river, the power plant has a net installed capacity of 1,137 MW and it produces electricity using only natural gas. Currently there are three CCGT units in operation, each of which has a gas turbine and a steam generator connected to its own steam turbine.


Tavazzano e Montanaso

The power plant has a net installed capacity of 1,140 MW with two CCGT units and is located in the province of Lodi, in (Lombardy region). The plant is close to important electricity consumption centres and has a good supply of water all year round necessary for the steam condensation discharged from turbines due to the surface hydraulic system of the canals Muzza and Belgiardino and the Adda river.



Located in the western part of Sicily region, the power plant consists of two OCGT units with a net overall installed capacity of about 213 MW. The power plant was one of the first industrial sites in Sicily included in EMAS Register. After revamping completion in 2013, NOx and CO2 emissions have been drastically reduced and the efficiency of the plant has increased more than 33%. The power plant has also been considered “essential” plant by the Energy Authority and has a crucial role in case of blackout for the stabilization of the Sicilian power grid.


All EP Produzione power plants have obtained the EMAS environmental registration, the environmental certification and the certification for workers’ health and safety.

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