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EP Produzione

EP Produzione is an EPH Group subsidiary managing the power generation assets in Italy. The Company operates a total generation capacity of 4,300 MW through five gas-fired power plant and one coal-fired power plant, making it one of the most relevant power generation players in the Country. EP Produzione efficient and high-performance power stations are managed according to the highest environmental, safety and reliability standards.


Fiume Santo

The coal power plant is situated in the north west of Sardinia region, in the Sassari province. Spread over an area of 153 hectares on the Gulf of Asinara, the plant, thanks to its net installed capacity of around 600 MW, is one of the top ten industrial facilities in Sardinia.

Since 1983 the plant is controlled by a monitoring network around the station for measuring ground-level pollutants (sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides and particulates). The plant is also allowed to burn biomass in co-combustion in the existing coal sections. Fiume Santo is currently part of the Energy Authority list of essential plants for the grid’s stability.


Livorno Ferraris

The power plant was commissioned and started operations in 2008. It is located in the province of Vercelli (Piedmont region). It is a CCGT with a net installed capacity of 805 MW, consisting of two gas turbine units and a steam turbine. In order to limit the impact of the plant on the frail surrounding ecosystem, severe environmental requirements had been adopted with relevant air, water and noise monitoring campaigns, in order to assess the compliance of the power stations with the limits sets by law, since the design and the construction phases.



Located in the province of Mantua (Lombardy region), on the left bank of the Po river, the power plant has a net installed capacity of 1,137 MW. Previously equipped to burn both fuel oil and natural gas, at the beginning of 2000s, the power plant was partially converted into a gas-combined cycle with three CCGT modules (each one is composed of one gas turbine and one steam turbine).


Tavazzano and Montanaso

The power plant has a net installed capacity of 1,140 MW and is located in the province of Lodi (Lombardy region). Thanks to the use of natural gas as unique fuel (since 2010), the power plant emissions significantly decreased compared to previous years, in absolute terms (tons per year) as well as in terms of concentrations. At the beginning of 2.000s the power plant was partially converted into a gas-combined cycle with two CCGT modules (one module composed of one gas turbine and one steam turbine and the other one composed of two gas turbine and one steam turbine) and an efficiency project is currently undergoing to further improve the plant’s capacity.

The plant has received for the third time the “Workplace Health Promotion” awarded in 2016, 2018 and 2019 by the regional government.



Located in the western part of Sicily region, the power plant consists of two open cycle gas fired turbines with a net overall installed capacity of about 213 MW. The recent revamping increased the efficiency of the plant and reduced its impact on the environment, while also provided benefits for the stabilization of the power grid.



Managed by Ergosud, a 50% joint venture between EPH Group and A2A gencogas S.p.A., the power plant is situated in the central-eastern part of Calabria region and started operations in June 2010. The plant has two combined gas-steam cycles, that can potentially generate together, with a total capacity of 814 MW. It is a state-of-the-art thermal power plant, with a highly efficient and environmentally friendly technology. The plant adopts a variety of technical solutions to optimize the use of natural resources and reduce environmental impact, such as the ‘zero liquid discharge’ system, which allows the reuse of all waste water, including in part rainwater and reducing to a minimum the intake of water from the outside.


EP Produzione pays serious attention to sustainability and puts the health and safety of his employees and the environment always at the center of his strategic decisions. All EP Produzione power plants are registered under EMAS, ISO 14001 and OHSAS standards (Fiume Santo power plant also ISO 9001).