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EP Ballylumford

This natural-gas-fired power station is the largest power station in Northern Ireland consisting of two Combined Cycle Gas Turbines (CCGT) and two Open Cycle Gas Turbines (OCGT), which was built on a brown field site and began full commercial operation in 2003. Highly flexible CCGTs are able to operate in several different modes (open cycle, CCGT) and have the lowest minimum generation for CCGT in the Irish market. Such attributes are ideal for a system with high levels of wind where flexibility and fast response is required. The OCGTs provide required fast response units, as well as much needed capacity. The combination of fast, flexible and diverse thermal assets, jointly with battery storage potential, makes the Ballylumford portfolio attractive and ideally suited to the future market in Ireland. The potential to install storage at scale (30-100 MW) further enhances and diversifies the portfolio. Significant investment has been made in recent years, further enhancing Ballylumford’s competitive position within the Irish market. The power plant´s capacity is 688 MW and together with EP Kilroot, it secures over 60 % of the region‘s electricity supply from diverse mix of assets.