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EP Commodities

EP Commodities specializes in trading (wholesale) of gas, electricity and emission allowances CO2 (potentially also financially in coal and oil).

The natural gas trading business is performed only on the European market (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Italy and Netherlands). EP Commodities focuses on countries where EPH owns assets or countries, where the market liquidity enables efficient trading. The services in the field of natural gas include trades through exchanges, platform operators and through OTC. The company trades on the spot and the futures markets with the delivery to the VTP. Only in Italy, EP Commodities ensures the supply of natural gas to power plants of the sister company – EP Produzione.

A significant part of the company’s portfolio represent reservoirs, cross-border capacities, physical flows and providing flexibility throughout the region. EP Commodities also provides financial hedging of physical assets of the EPH Group, including physical sourcing for the portfolio of end customers.

For the trading of electricity (and emission allowances) the company uses EEX and ICE exchanges, and OTC markets only for the trades in the Czech Republic and Germany.