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The black-coal-fired Vojany thermal power plant (Vojany TPP) is located in the District of Michalovce, Eastern Slovakia. It operates two modernized fluidized bed boiler units, each with 110 MW installed capacity. The units have a very wide power output range, starting at 40 MW, allowing the plant to provide both base power and ancillary services to ensure the reliability of the transmission network in Eastern Slovakia. Standing close to the Slovak-Ukrainian border, the power plant relies on the supplies of semi-anthracite coal via the wide-gauge track from the Donbas-Kusbeck mining area.
With 220 MW Vojany TPP represents approximately 5.1% of Slovenské elektrárne’s installed capacity. In 2015, Vojany TPP generated 470 GWh, or slightly over 2.4% of the electricity produced by Slovenské elektrárne.
Since 2009, biomass (wooden chips) is co-fired with coal, contributing to the environment protection of the region and reducing substantially carbon dioxide emissions, while receiving no subsidies, e.g. guaranteed purchase price for the use of renewable energy.