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The brown-coal-fired Elektrárne Nováky Thermal Power Plant (Nováky TPP) is located at Zemianske Kostoľany, in the District of Prievidza, Central Slovakia.  With its installed capacity of 266 MWe it accounts for some 6% of Slovenské elektrárne’s installed capacity.

Nováky TPP is operated in so-called General Economic Interest of the Slovak Republic, a special regulatory regime, prescribed by the Slovak Ministry of Economy in order to preserve domestic mining and increase country’s energy security. In 2015, Nováky TPP generated 1,660 GWh of electricity, over 8.6% of the total power produced by Slovenské elektrárne.

At its 46 MW ENO A Unit the plant also burns biomass in co-combustion with the domestic lignite. Co-firing biomass also improves the operational efficiency of the power plant since it has a positive impact on the combustion process. Co-combustion also brings operational savings related to limestone consumption, ash generation and disposal, demi-water consumption and steam consumption.

Nováky TPP also provides hot water supplies for heating of the towns of Prievidza, Nováky, Zemianske Kostoľany, as well as for industrial consumers. In 2015, its annual heat production was just over 348 GWh, or almost 40.6% of the heat produced by Slovenské elektrárne.