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Helmstedter Revier

Helmstedter Revier (HSR) is a fully owned subsidiary of Mitteldeutsche Braunkohlengesellschaft (MIBRAG). Its core business is the generation of electricity at Buschhaus power plant from lignite extracted at Schöningen and Profen mines. HSR currently employs a staff of about 397 people at the mine, the maintenance unit, the power plant, in training and administration. The company also includes the subsidiaries Terrakomp specialized in composting and debris recycling and Norddeutsche Gesellschaft für die Ablagerung von Mineralstoffen (NORGAM) – with a shareholding of 51 percent.

Buschhaus power plant is part of the Helmstedt region and reaching the end of a more than 140 year tradition of lignite based power generation. The power plant is located north of the city of Schöningen, Lower Saxony, and was commissioned in 1985. It is a so-called base load power plant generating electricity 24/7 for feed into the 380 kV supergrid. The power plant has a gross nominal capacity of 390 MW.

Since October 2016, the Buschhaus power plant becomes part of the security stand-by mechanism in Germany. By these means, HSR contributes to Germany´s national CO2 reduction targets as well to energy security and grid stability at the same time. After passing the 4-year period of security stand-by mechanism, the power plant will be finally decommissioned.