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Mochovce PVP

There are 4,136 panels installed at the 2 hectare land near the nuclear power plant Mochovce.

The photovoltaic electricity from Mochovce is used for the non-technological operation of the future nuclear power plant Mochovce 3&4, for its construction site and construction equipment, thus making it the first absolutely clean energy source with zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Total installed capacity of the plant is 0.95 MWp (MW peak – solar panel output at standardised radiation density 1 kW/m2) with 230 Wp output per panel.


Photovoltaic Power Plants 

Two photovoltaic power plants operated by Slovenské elektrárne were commissioned in 2011 with an installed capacity of 0.95 MW each to complement the portfolio of Slovenské elektrárne. Together they generate 1.9 GWh annually, saving approximately 2 000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. The power plant in Mochovce is located in on site of the nuclear power plant and uses 4 136 solar panels with peak output of 230 Watts per panel, the power plant in Vojany is in the vicinity of the coal-fired power plant and uses 3 402 panels, with higher output of 280 Wp.