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Ergosud S.p.A, which is jointly owned by EPH and A2A gencogas S.p.A, built and manages the thermoelectric plant in Scandale, Italy. The plant belongs to the most advanced and modern electricity generation powerplants, thanks to the use of the innovative combined cycle technology. It adopts the most advanced construction technologies in order to minimize the environmental impact and maximize the thermal efficiency (which reaches 56.67 %, one of the best values achievable with this type of system). By combining two thermodynamic cycles (the Brayton cycle and the Rankine cycle), the combined cycle allows to optimize the exploitation of the energy contained in the fuel (natural gas).

The Scandale plant has set environmental protection and the health and safety of workers as its primary objective. Adopting the most advanced technical solutions, the plant has been achieving one of the lowest emission limits in the sector, proving the combined cycle technology to be one of the most efficient ways of producing electricity. In addition, the plant is equipped with a “zero liquid discharge” system that allows to reuse all wastewater, including part of rainwater, limiting the use of water from the outside to a minimum.

The Scandale plant, prepared for cogeneration, consists of two equal, independent modules with a total capacity of 834 MW (417 MW per module).